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Meccabingo is a brand well known to any bingo lover in the UK. As one of the leading operators of bingo clubs, mecca bingo are almost a household name. Meccabingo clubs can be found in almost any town in the UK, and have been the preferred place to play bingo for what seems like forever. Just like the other favorite online bingo clubs including foxybingo and galabingo, the move to offering online bingo games was natural. At you will enjoy the great atmosphere of your favorite meccabingo clubs along with all the convenience and accessibility that internet bingo sites have to offer.

Meccabingo make it very easy for new players to start playing bingo online. If you are new to online bingo in general, mecca have a special video tutorial that will teach you exactly how to get around in their online bingo club so you’ll have an easy transition to the new way of playing bingo. If you’ve already played bingo in other bingo sites, but not in mecca, you can claim a free £5 bonus for a free trial in the site. This bonus is awarded just for joining and you don’t have to pay anything or give your credit card details to play with it.  Just sign up and the 5 pounds will be credited to your account automatically. If you do decide to make a deposit and play bingo for money, you will get an additional £50 bonus when you first add money to your account balance.

New players can also sharpen their online bingo skills in mecca bingo’s ‘newbie’ room, which is open every day from 12-2pm and 7-9pm, exclusively for their new players, so everyone else there will be new and you can start getting the hang of it with other newbies and without feeling silly for asking obvious questions. This bingo room is completely free, you don’t have to buy bingo cards with real money, but to make things sweeter, the prizes and jackpots are real! If you join meccabingo, be sure to take advantage of this great offer and maybe you’ll win your first jackpot before you ever spend a penny.

Once you become a veteran bingo player, you will have to fork out 25p for a bingo card, though there are some games with tickets starting at just 10p, and also some special games with especially big jackpots where the tickets can cost more. This changes all the time so check out the meccabingo games lobby and updated bingo promo codes to see what’s available for you any given day. Mecca also offers different promotions every month, some are really outstanding value offering gifts and freebies to mecca players. View the current promotions in the promotions section of the website.

Like in real world meccabingo clubs, has a variety of bingo games, including 75 and 90 ball bingo, but also many other great games like video poker, fruit machines, lotto draws and even virtual scratch cards you can buy and scratch with your mouse. Also, like in a real life meccabingo club you can meet many other people like yourself who enjoy playing bingo in the meccabingo chat. No need to dress up, you can choose your alias and be whoever you want without any problems.

Seems the only difference between playing in your neighborhood mecca bingo club and playing online is that does not offer you any food or beverages, you’ll just have to take care of that on your own


Mecca Bingo Review

Mecca Bingo – Award Winner for Best Customer Service

Customer Service has always been Mecca Bingo’s forte. They truly value good service and make customer support very accessible through their service base in Sheffield. There, customers who need assistance can simply call, text, email, or even mention them on social media to get their attention.

This amazing customer service has earned Mecca Bingo its third award in a row for Best Customer Service.

Liam Smith, the Customer Services Director of Mecca Bingo announced that he and his team are incredibly proud and honored to have won its third award for Best Customer Service. He also mentioned that their team has always done their very best to serve their customers and their needs, to give them the best experience possible. The efforts and achievements of the team have been rightly recognized through this award.

A Summary of Mecca Bingo

A multi-award-winning bingo site in the UK, Mecca Bingo has branches nearly everywhere around the country. They are also the biggest brand of bingo in Great Britain. Hundreds, even thousands of bingo players, have enjoyed their bingo hubs, ever since their launch in 2003. Their site also treats its wonderful community to huge promotions quite often. You can visit them at


License: UK

Launched: 2003


Contact number: 0800 083 1988

Email address:

Live chat: Available

Software & Games

The software on Mecca Bingo is provided by Greentube, Novomatic, Bally, Eyecon, Bede Gaming, IGT, and Playtech. There are 13 Bingo Games and 25 Bingo Rooms.

Mecca Bingo has an extensive number of bingo rooms! This high number of rooms means that anyone who logs in at any time is more than likely to find a room open and ready for them. They’ll be able to get a space on their favorite games straight away.

There are so many variants of games available on Mecca Bingo. They have the 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball classic versions. They have unique bingo game variants. And in partnership with Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, they have produced some game versions that can only be found on their site.

One of these is called “Burst Bingo,” in which the cards are instead cute balloon-holding animals. If a ball with your number is drawn, the balloon held by the animals pops, and with quite a fun sound effect! To get the jackpot “Burst Big One,” you have to get a Burst Bingo full house in one round in 16 or fewer balls.

Promotions & Bonuses

Mecca’s Welcome Offer

Play £60 plus a £10 voucher (in-club) for only £10 total

Bonus Wagering Requirement of 1x in Bonus, and Slots Bonus of 4x

A welcome offer awaits any newcomers to Mecca Bingo’s site. With this promotion ongoing, anyone who joins this bingo community is in for immediate enjoyable experiences. Aside from this welcome bonus, there are even more that await you when you sign up. There is a £30 bonus on bingo and a £20 bonus on slots. All this comes with a £10 voucher for Mecca Bingo Club. You can get these bonuses as soon your registration is completed and you have deposited £10 for bingo games.

The Reel King Mega experience is where you can spend your slots bonus. Here, you should also do your wagering.

To get the bonuses, you have to use up your £10 within exactly 60 days of signing up. After you spend it on bingo, you’ll receive the bonuses. Afterward, you will only be required to make small wagers. These will require another £80 for Reel King and £30 for bingo. Once you’ve achieved this, you can cash out your winnings from the site.

These funds from bonuses should be spent within one week of wagering met and receipt. If you have already signed up and joined an offline, real-life Mecca Club near you, you will be given another gift via email.

Every bonus deal on the site has terms and conditions that are very clearly written, so be sure to read it. You will not find anything dubious, unclear, or disadvantageous to you. You will also find that there is almost no other offer on other online bingo sites that matches Mecca’s Play £60 For £10. Even better in comparison are the low wagering requirements.

VIP Program and Specials

Mecca Bingo has one of the most unique offers for each of its players. Every day, each player has the chance to raise their bingo balance by meeting the required deposit to qualify. This bonus has to be claimed every day, however, and can only be claimed at most once a day to be valid. To withdraw winnings you might have gotten through the bonus, all you have to do is meet the additional minimum spend on bingo.

Mecca Bingo does not have a VIP club or anything similar. Each player on the site, however, is treated well enough for them to feel VIP! The almost constant presence of different offers and promotions help each site user along. Some promotions that everyone can avail of are weekly extra spins and doubling up chances on slots. These simply require an additional minimum spend and the specified game.

Deposit and Cash Out Mechanics


Depositing for Mecca Bingo is quite quick and easy. You have options such as connecting your debit card or credit card. You may also choose to deposit through your PayPal account. Some also buy Paysafecard coupons. Any of these deposits will be processed straight away. Note that you cannot deposit less than £5.

Cash Out

The methods through which you may deposit, such as Paypal, credit card, or debit card can also be used to withdraw your amounts. Paysafecard, however, cannot be withdrawn. These withdrawn amounts may take up to 48 hours to confirm, especially if it is over the weekend. These will process over at most five days.

Withdrawing and depositing from Mecca Bingo is easy enough, but we prefer that they connect to eWallet apps such as Neteller and Skrill.

The Mecca Bingo Community

Mecca Bingo emphasizes the group and community experience by using its chat rooms. Even when played in real life, bingo is never played solo. So online, Mecca makes sure you feel the same as your mark your online cards with online players.

Every chat room is managed by pros. They are very experienced at eliminating unpleasantries and keeping a good chat going throughout the games. These chat hosts are given their own page and info on the Mecca site so that any player can learn about them.

Winners of any version of bingo on the site will be posted on the page for “Community Winners”. You’ll see your name in lights if you win! You may even be given a shout-out on Mecca Bingo’s page on Facebook, or even their Twitter page.

They also have this fun side competition called “Roomie of the Week.” They also have one that searches for the player with the cutest pet!

Fast and Fun Facts:

  • Mecca Bingo proclaims itself to have the best and biggest promotions for its players, and even bring in stage personalities to jazz things up
  • Mecca Bingo is among the friendliest yet busiest online bingo hotels that you can find! Here, their players will find a great community and great prizes any hour of the day
  • Mecca Bingo has a customer service base in Sheffield that keeps the site up and running for each of its players

Mecca Bingo Wherever You Go

For any player who does not want to stay seated in one place for hours in their desktop, Mecca Bingo provides a tablet and smartphone version. These portable apps can be found for Android on Google Play, and Apple devices on the App Store. One can also access Mecca Bingo without downloading the app, and simply navigate to their site through a browser.

Playing from your mobile device instead of through the desktop has nearly no differences. Both are easy to use for any player. The only thing that we noticed is that the desktop version is slightly slower than the mobile version. And conveniently, all the functions on the desktop version are accessible through the mobile version, including withdrawing, depositing, and managing your account.

You can also definitely access the chat rooms through mobile. However, we recommend that you use chat rooms on wireless internet, instead of on mobile data that is less than 4G. You must have a strong internet connection for the chat room. If you lose your connection during a bingo game, however, Mecca Bingo will simply mark your card for you for as long as you are disconnected.

Our take on Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo, in our experience, easily ranks the best five stars that we can give it. Already the largest bingo hall in the UK in real life, its website and app do its experience and reputation justice for each of its players.

At any given time, there are bingo rooms available for anyone and everyone, ready to keep a good game going. The community is also one to stay for.

Mecca Bingo also specializes in all its offers and promotions, and being among the most generous with them! While most bingo sites leave you at a welcome bonus, Mecca Bingo provides its users with daily opportunities to get bonuses via minimum deposit.


Mecca Bingo

When you are considering getting in on the fun of online bingo, you could not ask for a better site to start out on than Mecca Bingo. There are always some great prize games going on and the promotions are outstanding. It is a fabulous way to introduce yourself to the world of online bingo games.

As a new member the first thing that you will be treated to is a sign up bonus. There is a great amount of information on how to get your sign up bonus. If you deposit £10 and play through it, Mecca Bingo will deposit £10 into your account. This is a great way to play more bingo for less money; something that everyone could use. Consider the amount of money that you would spend on a night out on the town. After you factor in the cost of sitters, dinner and whatever form of entertainment that you plan for the evening, you are out a great amount of money. Now, consider playing a fun and exciting game with new online friends and the chance to put some money back in your pocket and you will find that there is really no other choice. Mecca Bingo brings you some of the best entertainment online at a fraction of the cost of other forms of entertainment.

There are always promotions happening with Mecca Bingo. You can find out about all of the latest promotions easily from the lobby of Mecca Bingo. Simply click on the link to the online promotions and you will see all that is on offer currently. Money Mountain is one of the exciting promotions that is happening with Mecca Bingo. It will be introduced on November 19th and you can have a chance at the increased jackpot prizes on all of the games. Watch the money roll in with this great promotion.

Currently there are two new ways to play bingo at Mecca Bingo. Cashline is a great new fast paced game that will give you many new ways to win. It’s a simple game and a lot of fun for a new bingo player to get started with. The creators of Mecca Bingo are constantly coming up with new ideas to keep their bingo players happy. Online bingo is more fun than ever with new games being created all the time.

Consider Joker Jackpot, where you will play with a deck of cards instead of bingo balls. It’s an exciting new twist on the traditional online bingo game. You will find the chance to play some new games one of the best benefits of playing bingo with Mecca Bingo.

The online chat rooms are a fun way to make new friends as you compete for the prizes. The community is one of the warmest and most welcoming online. You will enjoy playing with your fellow online bingo players and discover a group of people who are as much a part of the fun as the games themselves. Many people enjoy the games that you can play with Mecca Bingo, but many more enjoy the fun and friendships that are created in the online forums.

There has never been a better time to try your hand at online bingo. It is a fun and exciting way to spend the time at home with some friends. And you will always have the chance to put some money in your pocket while you are having fun. Online bingo has increased in popularity over the years and Mecca Bingo is on the forefront of making bingo a fun experience for all that visit the site. It’s not all about bingo on the site. If you are looking for some other great games to play, check out the slots and other games that you can get in on with Mecca Bingo – one of the best sites online for entertainment, great prizes and wonderful new friends.

It seems like online bingo fans will not be left without entertainment this summer with the numerous bingo games they will be offered. One of the UK’s leading bingo hall operators, Riva Gaming, has announced its new online gaming deal with Million 2-1.

The interactive gaming provider will offer Riva Gaming with slot and casino content through its mobile and online platforms which will enable customers to play their favourite casino games through their mobile phones and the internet.

Riva Gaming, which has more than 35 bingo halls in the UK, also has, which is one of the first few live online bingo clubs in Britain. This new partnership will provide bingo fans with a greater selection of online games as the site will add many more exciting games.

Some of the new mobile games that will be included are Ooh Aah Dracula, Elvis Top 20 and games like Cluedo, Monopoly and Cleopatra will be added in the near future. Another wonderful feature that this partnership will bring is offering mobile bingo players a chance to win real money, prizes and jackpots while playing in a tournament mode.

The CEO of the Riva Gaming Group, Simon Hannah, said that the partnership would enable them to offer their customers the true Riva gaming experience whether they were moving about, relaxing in their homes or at a Riva bingo venue.

Mecca Bingo like to surprise their online bingo players now and again with free gifts, which is why they have launched a special new promotion that will be running throughout September, called Lucky Dip.  Mecca Bingo has put aside a massive prize fund of £50,000 that will be randomly allocated throughout the month to their online bingo players accounts for free!

Lucky Dip…..

Mecca Bingo will be crediting thousands of their online bingo players accounts with free bingo money, all players have to do is keep an eye on their e-mail as Mecca Bingo will be e-mailing all their players when they have credited their accounts.  If you then see that you are one of the lucky online bingo players to win a bonus, it is worth remembering that you then only have 7 days to spend the bonus money, or otherwise it will sadly just disappear from your account.  Mecca Bingo have not said how often they will be crediting accounts, however they have said that each player will not be receiving the same amount of bonuses and that you could also win more than once.

Deposit Bonus Day….

Further freebies will happen on Monday the 20th and 27th of September, when Mecca Bingo will be giving their online bingo players the chance to earn an extra 50% bonus on their first deposit of the day.  All players have to do is make a deposit and then wager the money on the same day at Mecca Bingo.  If players manage to do this, then they will be rewarded with a 50% bonus that will be automatically paid into their bingo accounts the next day.  The 50% bonus will be paid to players in the form of bingo funds.  For example: If you deposit and then wager £20 on Monday the 20th of September, Mecca Bingo will then reward you with £10 in bingo funds on Tuesday the 21st of September.  The maximum bonus you can receive is £50.